GuateStar helps the indigenous population of Guatemala break the cycle of poverty through educational and community outreach projects.  The primary methods involve building schools, the effective use of technology, teaching Biblical values and providing community healthcare.


Build a School or Clinic

GuateStar helps develop the next generation of Guatemalans through education and community services. GuateStar is involved in two school construction projects:

Build Esmirna

Esmirna School opened with 20 students in 2013. This school is associated with the Esmirna Church, a vibrant and growing church that has been instrumental in starting many other churches.

Build Juan Wesley

The Juan Wesley School started in San Cristobal in three Sunday school rooms of the church. Growth was rapid, and soon 300 students were attending. Classes were divided into primary in the morning and junior high school in the afternoon to accommodate more students.

Build a Clinic

Our Guatemalan partners have asked for a community clinic. They took the initiative to start renovating a building on the Juan Wesley campus. A team visited the site this year and put a new roof on the clinic.


Many families rely on the help and money their school-aged children provide by working  odd jobs, selling food at bus stops or serving as the primary care givers for younger siblings. Scholarships pay for school fees: registration, books, supplies, uniforms and transportation.

Club Extra

This program provides students a safe and accelerated learning experience after school. Students get access to music, language, computers and general Internet access. Two popular programs are learning English and using some of the latest computers. This program is currently being offered on a trial basis and will be expanded in the next school year.

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